Idaho Tennis Association is partnering with the USTA Intermountain Section to support a 2.5 Initiative for USPTA pros! 



The 2.5 Initiative benefits Tennis pros and the tennis community. USPTA pros who captain a 2.5 men’s or women’s USTA Adult 18 & Over team that is comprised of 50% or greater new players will be paid $200 per team or $10 per new player. A new player is a person that did not play in the USTA Adult 18 & Over league at the 2.5 level in 2015. The financial benefits of captaining a beginner’s team will be even greater once you consider the lesson/clinic and equipment sales and new players gain the benefit of expert guidance as they get more involved in a sport they will grow to love! 

USPTA pros have the opportunity to be entered into a drawing to win a trip to the 2016 US Open or the 2016 USPTA World Conference. USPTA pros should fill out the USPTA brochure and submit the forms no later than July 21, 2016, for reimbursement and/or to be entered into the trip drawings.

For more information, contact Mike Harvey at mharvey@idtennis.com or Lance Martin at lmartin@idtennis.com.