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The Idaho Tennis Association conducts ongoing training programs throughout the year including Tournament Director General Training, Officials Training, Tournament Data Manager Software Training, Recreational Coaches Workshops, Tournament Sanctioning Training, CTA General Training and Planning Sessions, and Tennis 101 and Tennis is Elementary instructor training.
Instructor, CTA general planning and tournament sanctioning training's are ongoing throughout the year. Watch this site for updates or contact Mike Harvey, (208) 322-5150, Ext. 203, for more information or to request an appointment.  

10 and Under Tennis Trainings

Description: Semi-annual trainings designed for anyone working with entry level players 10 and Under. These interactive on-court trainings includes insights on how to teach large groups of children, with games-based approaches to coaching using the 10 and Under Tennis play format. 10 and Under Tennis uses racquets, balls and courts that are sized right for kids, allowing them to rally and play real tennis shortly after picking up a racquet for the first time. 

When/Where: 10U trainings are held twice a year in each province, or on an as-needed basis in more rural locales. IdTA will provide specific information on each training as they are scheduled in different locations.

Trainer: 10U trainings are conducted by certified professionals who have received special training from the USTA, and include:

  • Recreational Practice Plans
  • A Participant Manual
  • Coaching Minute
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • The knowledge to implement the 10 and Under Tennis play format in your programming
  • Access to the latest in modified equipment and additional coaching resources and sample balls

Who should attend: These trainings are ideal for anyone who wants to help grow tennis at the beginners level, including:

  • Parents and grandparents seeking the basics in coaching and organizing teams
  • Park & Recreation instructors
  • Physical Education teachers
  • Middle and high School coaches and teachers
  • After school care providers
  • Adaptive tennis instructors and program providers



Games include: One Ball Live, Four Square, Alligator, Around the World, Ball Drop, Basketball, Call My Name, Combined Ball Drop, Dribble Relay, Forehand Rolling, Jailbreak, King of the Court, Lava Monster, Lobster Claw, Longest Rallies, Racquet Catch, Red Light, Shootout, Short Court, Tag Team Singles (36 and 60 ft. courts), Team Building and Team Building Relays



The Schools Program is a national program that provides elementary, middle and high school students an introduction to the game of tennis in their physical education classes.

IdTA provides free in-service training and a step-by-step curriculum for physical education teachers and support with equipment. All of the equipment used in the Schools Program is modified to make the game fun and engaging from the moment a student first picks up a racquet.

The goal of the Schools Program is to enrich the lives of students by exposing them to the game of tennis. This is an ongoing program. 

For more information, contact Toni-Shea Sinclair at (208) 861-6260, or   


These sessions are designed specifically for CTA leaders and board members interested in any of the following: strategic planning, board members roles and responsibilities, fundraising mechanisms, 501(c)(3) and incorporation process, programming ideas, and much more.
When/Where: Ongoing. Contact Mike Harvey at (208) 322-5150, Ext. 203, or for more details and to make an appointment.


A one-on-one training over the phone for pros and tournament directors interested in sanctioning their tennis tournaments.
When/Where: Ongoing. Contact Mike Harvey at (208) 322-5150, Ext. 203, or