Idaho Social Tennis is an Idaho Tennis Association program geared toward adult social play for USTA members and NON-USTA members ages 18 and over. The format is social and fun and may include any combination of men's and women's doubles and mixed doubles.

IdTA Social Tennis for players who just want to play or practice without the structure of organized USTA league play. Balls are provided and IdTA staff or a experienced volunteer will be on-site to organize play.

For more information, including how to self-rate online without a USTA membership, call Bob Ewing at (208) 322-5150, ext 205.


Registration Information




To register for a group



If you are a current USTA member, please have that number available prior to registering.  If you're not a member, don't worry:  USTA membership is not required.  However, in order to register as a non-member, you need to create a non-member account.  It's free!  After you create a non-member account, you will also need to self-rate.  You will be directed to self-rate once you attempt to register for the group you're looking to play in.  Follow the prompts to complete the process.  Having troubles, contact Bob Ewing, Adult Programs, or Lance Martin, District League Coordinator, for assistance.