Great sports make sports great!

October 7, 2016 06:21 PM

Congratulations to the following Intermountain League players who have been recognized by their peers and USTA tournament staff for exemplifying sportsmanlike conduct during the 2016 Adult 40 &?Over League Sectional Championships (Denver, CO), 2016 Adult 55 & Over League Sectional Championships (Denver, CO) and/or the 2016 Mixed 40 & Over Sectional Championships (Henderson, NV).

Many things distinguish the game of tennis from other sports, but none more noteworthy than the need to call your own lines and keep your own score. These elements are the epitome of fairness, and they lie at the very heart of the game – and at the very soul of USTA League competition.

Thank you, again, to these participants and the many others who honor our great sport by being positive role models for others.

Adult 40 & Over:
Sept. 16-18, Denver (CO)

Cody Sherrod (3.0 W, Colorado)
Dora Fang (3.0 W, Utah2)
Kelly Depalo (3.5 W, Colorado)
Lori Ewing (3.5 W, Idaho)
Shelly Parker (3.5 W, Idaho)
Jane Selvig (3.5 W, Montana)
Tanya Jones (3.5 W, Utah)
Cindy Schultz (3.5 W, Wyoming)

Team nominations:
Montana 3.0 W
Colorado 3.5 W

Adult 55 & Over:
Sept. 23-25, Denver (CO)

Sierra Collins (8.0 W, Utah)
Robert Welch (8.0 M, Idaho)
Karl Baughman (8.0 M, Idaho)

Team nominations:
Wyoming 7.0 W