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Here is a list of all courts throughout the Treasure Valley. 

COVID-19 Refund Policy

If a local league is suspended, league dates are changed, or the league is cancelled after registration has opened, a player may request and receive a refund, less the $3.00 TennisLink registration fee.  In addition, if a player elects or is required to self-quarantine due to the Covid-19 virus, the same refund will apply. If a player plays in two matches prior to the suspension, cancellation or quarantine the refund will be prorated by 50% of the original league fee. If a player plays in three matches or more prior to the suspension, cancellation or quarantine refunds do not apply.  Refund requests for local leagues that resume play will be honored up to one week after the adjusted local league end date.  If a league is cancelled, refund requests will be accepted up to 30 days after the notice of cancellation. To request a refund, please complete the form below. 

***This policy applies for league refunds for uncontrollable circumstances and does not apply for players that register for a local league that runs to completion as scheduled.  See original refund policy for those details.***

Request a Refund
League(s) You Are Requesting a Refund For (Checkall that apply)
League Refund Policy
Any player on a team’s roster that did not play in a match may request a refund minus a $10.00 service fee. Refunds must be requested no more than one week after the area league ends. See your area league calendar for your league’s end date. At the discretion of the district league coordinator or the local area league coordinator in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Sun Valley/Twin Falls, it may be possible to credit a league fee toward another league of equal value. 
Social Tennis Refund
Players may request and receive a refund, minus a $10.00 service fee.  Refunds must be requested on or before the start date for the session a player is registered in.  After that date, refund requests will not be honored.  If social tennis is suspended, dates are changed, or the session is cancelled for any reason after the registration has opened, a player may request and receive a refund of their social tennis fee less the TennisLink registration fee. To request a refund, please complete form above.
College Student Adult League Coupon
The purpose of the College Student Adult League Coupon is to aid college students with reducing the cost of their initial league fee after joining the USTA. 

USTA League Regulations

2020 Rules & Regulations - Idaho Tennis Association All Leagues
2020 USTA Section Regulations - Intermountain Section
2020 USTA Regulations - USTA National
2020 FLEX Singles League Guidelines
The Code - Player's Guide to Fair Play

NTRP Appeals

Self - Rate Appeal Guidelines

USTA Medical Appeal Forms

Medical Appeal Guidelines
Medical Appeal Form
Attending Physician's Statement

If you are filling out a medical appeal form, please mail to:

USTA Intermountain
Attention, Lynn Lozano
9145 E. Kenyon Ave., Suite 201
Denver, Colorado 80237


Prior to submitting a grievance, please read the USTA National League Regulations (Section 3.03).  Grievance's are time sensitive in most cases.
A $50 fee must be submitted at the time of filing a grievance. Please make the check payable to the Idaho Tennis Association. If the grievance committee disqualifies the player who the grievance is against, the $50 check is returned to the person who filed the grievance.
Submit to:
USTA Idaho Grievance
Attn: Idaho Tennis Association
1076 N. Cole Road
Boise, ID 83704
or e-mail the form to:

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