Boise City Property: September 17

Outdoor activities will NOT require a mask for players when they are actively involved in practice or game activities. Masks WILL be required at all times when they are not involved in practice or game activities, i.e., on the bench, coming and going from the complex, etc. All coaches WILL be required to wear a mask at all times during the game, no exceptions. All spectators WILL be required to wear a mask at all times if/when 6 foot of distancing cannot be maintained.

Field capacity for players, coaches, officials and spectators will be limited to no more than 100 in attendance total per field. All applies to our outdoor adult sports with the emphasis that while not actively engaged in play they must maintain 6 feet of distance from one another or wear a mask. Spectators at our adult sports must wear a mask if distancing in the stands is not possible.


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