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The 2024 IdTA Facility Improvement Grant

The Idaho Tennis Association has funding available for non-profit Community Tennis Associations (CTA's) and/or organization members, non-profit tennis partners, schools, and parks and recreation programs with a tax identification number to aid with court improvements in the communities it serves. A facilities grant committee will review applications and decide whether to grant the request and the dollar amount to be awarded.
As a Community Tennis Association and/or Organizational member of the USTA - Idaho District, you are responsible for sharing the mission to promote and develop the growth of tennis and the values and priorities of the USTA. One of our priorities is giving back to the tennis community as a whole. 
The 2023 IdTA Facility Improvement Grant is designed to help you achieve your goals in growing the game for all ages, skill levels, and socioeconomic demographics.  

To apply for the Facility Improvement Grant, please download the application and email to Kyle Jewett, Executive Director. 

2024 Diversity & Inclusion Grant and the 10 & Under Grant

Two additional grants being offered by the Idaho Tennis Association are a 10 and Under Grant and a Diversity and Inclusion Grant. These grants are only available to organizational members and/or tennis partners with a tax identification number.


The links below provide further detail on each grant available.

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